50/52 year reunion

Pictures from The 52  Year Reunion, San Diego

Friday April 24, Charlie's Bar at the Town & Country Hotel, we had a small Party to kick thing off

Jim and Kathy Setterberg celebrate their 44 Wedding Anniversary

 The usual suspects at the watering hole (plus one that snuck in from the crowd --- next to Mack)

 Janet and Mack Biggers, a waiter, Gail Lapham, Jim and Kathy Setterberg, John and Toni Dodson, Steph Hansen, John and Patty Wilson, Bill Lapham, Konnie Zaharopoulos, Patty and Stanton Handley, Larry Reddinger.


 The Breakfast Club


 And the crew at the Zoo


Back: Janet Hunt, Mack Biggers, Stanton (Stan) Handley, John (Wayne) Dodson, Jim Setterberg

Front: Patty Handley, Bill Lapham, Toni Dodson, Gail Lapham, Cathy (Mother Goose) Setterberg





Portraits from the Riverwalk Golf Club are HERE.