50/52 year reunion

Additional Accommodations in or near the Riverwalk GC

If, for some reason the Town and Country Hotel doesn't fit with your needs, your classmates have come up with some alternative lodging. The reunion committee does not endorse any particular alternative lodging and has made no special arrangements for them.

Most, If not all, of these hotels/motels have free WIFI and Parking and some have pools, free breakfast and other amenities.


Be aware that if there are gatherings at the Town & Country Hotel, there is a $7 parking fee. 





Motel 6 in Hotel Circle

Click Here to check it out.  Motel 6, 2424 Hotel Circle North 619-296-1612

Vagabond Inn in Hotel Circle

The Vagabond Inn is located across the freeway from The Riverwalk GC. Click Here for details.

Howard Johnson Inn in Hotel Circle

Click Here for details