50/52 year reunion

Portraits of attendees of the San Diego Reunion

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 Dan Gernux

Dan and  Elizibeth Gernux

 Susan Wartmann Tom and Susan Ferrero Pam Conley Dennis and Pam Conley

 John Oehler, Jim Burton

John Oehler, Jim Burton

 Fred Fraijo

Fred and Lolie Fraijo

 Donna Stepp, Janet Kepford (64)  Donna Stepp Scalia

Janet Kepford (64)

 Bob GroosPatty and Bob Groos

 Stanton Handley

Patty and Stan Handley

 Konnie ZharapolosKonnie Zharapolos Buddy CanadyBuddy Canady

 Jack Wilson

Marianne and Jack Wilson

 Ruthie, Jack and Donna

 Linda KazarianLinda Kazarian 

Michael Hansen

 Mack Biggers

Janet Hunt n Mack Biggers

 Randy Hamut

Ida and Randy Hamut

 Shirley Cook

Shirley Cook

 Jon Wilson

Jon and Patty Wilson

Gloria Borrows

Gloria Borrows Sherman and Daughter Chayrl Wedlake

 Skip Kline

Skip Kline

Lester Ebert

Gloria and Lester Ebert

 Mike Lippitt

Mike and Heidi Lippitt

30th Anniversary

 Bill McCallmon

Bill and Diane McCallmon

 Bob Minnick and Karen Strode

Now Bob and Karen Minnick

as of Sept. 2014

 Mike Lippitt and Dick Martinez

Mike Lippitt and Dick Martinez

 Rick Liebermann
 Rick Liebermann
 Bonnie McGinty Bonnie McGinty Cathy HealeyThom Smith and Cathy Healey

 Wayne Dodson

John Wayne and

Toni Dodson (PHS 64)

 Dan StarkDan Stark
 Franklin PierceFranklin Pierce

 Sophie GuiterrezSophie Guiterrez and

Diane Mendoza


 Steph Hanson n Pam Conley Steph Hanson n Pam Conley

 Bob Minnick

Bob Minnick

 Don Beard

Don Beard

 Pat LesserPat Lesser

Marilyn Horwitz, Ruthie Simpson

Robin Osborn, Liz Meyers, Jill Robins

Marilyn Horwitz Nelson, Ruthie Simpson Graves, Robin Osborn Crowly

Liz Meyers, Jill Robins

 Billie Overturf, Karen Back

Billie Shouer Overturf

Karen Back and Phil Boatman

Some Sainted Wives of SBHS

They weren't having any fun at all

Kathy Setterberg, Gail Lapham, Janet Hunt, Dorothy Oehler, Toni Dodson


Jill Robins, John Oehler,

Liz Meyers,Janice Shorett


Mike and Heidi Lippitt, Robin Osborn Crosby


Ruthie Simpson, Donna Stepp,

Steph Hanson,Susan Wartman



Bonnie McGinty and Pam Conley