50/52 year reunion

Ensenada Mexico

 Some photos are posted at http://www.flickr.com/photos/30372209@N03/sets/  with many more to come

 Good Wine and ceviche

On the reunion cruise, the highlight in Ensenada for us was a street vendor selling freshly made ceviche. Here it is being made to our order.   https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=477681618978261

Who'da thunk it, but there are 75 wineries within a few miles of Ensenada. We learned this (and got a map of them) at a very nice wine bar on Ensenada's main shopping street. After sampling several bottles, we settled on a white to have with our ceviche. BTW, the manager said he gets his lunch, at least twice a week, from the same street vendor.
Here's a video, including a short digression about Viagra Man. Gotta love the stick figure.

https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=477701455642944      John Oehler 

Golf carts in Ensenada

We thought that my scooter was going to limit us in Ensenada. Not so. We parked it at customs and the Setterbergs, Dodsons, Kozlowskis and Lapham got golf carts and away we went. We were looking for Hussongs, but alas got kind of sidetracked.
With Jim at the wheel we made a wrong turn and found ourselves on a road to Tijuana! The Dodsons and Kozlowskis did not make the same turn and yelled that they would meet us there … WHERE WAS THERE?
Our golf cart was sputtering and the road had no turn around possibilities. A trucker took pity on us and followed us slowly down the road, about 2 ½ miles, until we could cross the road. Pulling his truck over, he protected us from traffic by blocking the lane … his buddies blocked all the other lanes so the Stupid Gringos could make a U turn.
The other side of the road leading back to Ensenade was less kind. At several points, Jim and Gail got out and pushed the darn thing. During that time we were passed by two police cars – they didn't even wave. Stupid Gringos ...
 Finally back in town, the opposing traffic nearly ran us down. As we pushed the beast across the intersection, another golf cart raced up and they told us to trade … they fiddled with the carburetor and the engine burst into life and they drove off.
  Stupid Gringos ...
We drove around and found the others perched on stools under an umbrella drinking cold beer and Margaritas, and eating tableside made fresh guacamole. We remained there for several hours, raised some hell, paid Mariachis to serenade us, drank, bought jewelry, drank, had pictures taken, and drank, all while eating even more guacamole, and laughed our butts off.
Who would have thought that when we were driving down the road singing Tijuana Jail at the top of our lungs that it was almost foretelling the future …. and we were sober then !  We need to do that again … soon ....
FUN Gringos ...  Lapham