50/52 year reunion

Reunion at Marina del Rey

On this page we will attempt to write notes on the Reunion activities that took place at Marina del Rey. Some photos are posted at http://www.flickr.com/photos/30372209@N03/sets/  with many more to come

 It was an experience of a lifetime indeed! Imagine, not seeing these people for 50 years! Marilyn Horowitz, my prom date, was there. Bob Groos, my foster brother during my AFS year, was present too. So were Jim Weiman, Fred Gereb and Mike Lippitt, the mayor of Cardinal City. I saw Stephanie Hanson and Linda Inman, and was hoping to see Shannon Besoyan there, but...Oh, those memories, yet I was at SBHS for just a year as an exchange student. How much more memorable for you all who spent 4 years of high school together and met again after 50 years...a real Golden Jubilee indeed!

Bill tried to Skype Lita Groth Anderson, the other AFS exchange student from Denmark. It was wonderful seeing her and hearing her voice. Too bad she couldn't hear us. Wayne Dodson was there and when Bill asked us to sing the San Berdo Anthem, I was thrilled beyond expectations. When I met our principal then, Dr. J. Keith Dolan, it was the highlight of my evening. I couldn't believe that he still remembers me after all the years! Many thanks to Bill, Jim, Mike and other organizers for making me part of this lifetime experience! My heartfelt thanks to Larry Redinger for making available his cabin for the cruise that followed the dinner at Marina Del Rey.     Norm Gonzales


Thank you for all your efforts, and thanks to everyone who contributed. The Reunion was a wonderful event. The best surprise was to see so much good will among so many people.
Even now, a month later, the afterglow continues.
     Peter Martin